Two situations that invalidate the coverage of your car


Having vehicle insurance allows you to protect your finances from a possible accident. Whether it is a crash, a scratch, or any other accident that could damage your car, the insurance can be activated, so that instead of paying 100% of the bill, you will only have to contribute the deductible.

In this way, your finances will not be affected by having to assume large amounts for the repair of your car. But you must remember that, in order to enjoy and make use of the coverage, it is necessary to avoid two very specific situations that could put you at risk:

Driving while intoxicated

Driving while intoxicated

The insurers are very clear about it, and almost 100% of them establish that. In addition to the liability coverage, there are insurers that have some additional and special coverage, aimed entirely at animals. If it is a point that interests you, you can compare the alternatives to find one that offers a similar product. In case the driver gets involved in an accident having consumed more of the alcohol allowed by law, the coverage is invalidated and the corresponding compensation will not be made.

Lying about the use of the vehicle

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When buying a policy it is necessary to establish what the car will be used for. That is, it can be for personal or commercial use (public transport, taxi, etc.) and many of the coverage that it includes and its prices depend on that use. If you purchased a personal policy and suffer an accident performing a taxi service, you would be missing what was stated, which could void the coverage.

Take these two specifications into account and verify your contract, so there will be no clauses that surprise you. Remember that if you are looking for vehicle insurance according to your budget, you can compare the options in Heritosgreenes.


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