A massive data center will be built near Williston


Governor Doug Burgum has announced that one of the largest data centers in the world will be built near Williston.

At a news conference in Williston this morning, the governor said the Atlas Power data center to be built by Montana-based FX Solutions Inc. is part of a multi-year, $1.9 billion project which will require more than 100 workers over the two-year construction period.

The data center will create about 30 permanent jobs, according to FX Solutions president Richard Tabish.

Atlas Power is an operator of “high-density” facilities, computer centers that serve high processing needs such as cryptocurrency mining.

“This major investment in North Dakota will further bolster our state’s growing reputation as a hub for data centers and cryptocurrency mining, thanks to our incredibly reliable, affordable, and redundant power supply and a climate that reduces cooling costs for data center operations,” Burgum said. .

The first phase of the project will consist of 16 buildings, each 350 feet long by 30 feet wide, to house tens of thousands of servers that will perform high-performance computing using 240 megawatts of electricity. Phases 2 and 3 provide for an extension to 500 megawatts and then 700 megawatts, by adding additional buildings and servers.

Site work for the first phase of the project began earlier this month at a 77-acre site west of Williston. A 100 foot by 400 foot inflatable dome will be erected to allow for construction during the winter months.

Mountrail-Williams Electric Cooperative will supply power to the data center, with the ability to supply the amount of power needed for the facility from multiple sources to support 24/7 operations. An electrical substation is already built near the data center with available capacity.

“We are delighted to partner with Governor Burgum, FX Solutions and Mountrail-Williams Electric Cooperative to announce the construction of Atlas Power’s second facility,” said Atlas Power President Kevin Washington. “Building on the success of our Butte, MT site, Phase 1 of the Williston site will single-handedly become Atlas’ largest center of operations.”


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