A38: a server fan for sTRX4 socket from Dynatron!


This time we are going to talk about a server oriented heat sink from Dynatron. Indeed, the brand announces its A38, an aircooling radiator for AMD sTRX4 / TR4 platforms. In addition, its particularity is that it is intended for 2U servers.

A38: An aircooling radiator for sTRX4 / TR4 CPU for 2U server!

Ah yes, hardware intended for server use is never really aesthetic. This is partly what characterizes our radiator of the day. However, in this type of use, efficiency is always more important than anything else. In addition, it will be able to operate on CPUs with a TDP of 280W.

In short, with this Dynatron radiator we are offering something compact. The dimensions are 119 (W) x 79 (D) x 65 (H) mm, all for a weight of 450 g. In terms of materials, there are aluminum and copper via a total of four heat pipes.

For their part, ventilation will be provided by a 60 mm fan with a PWM power supply. On the speed side, the mark mentions a rotation range of between 2300 RPM (0% to 20%) and 11000 RPM (100%). In terms of airflow, at full speed, this little fan will blow 58.31 CFM, and generate a massive static pressure of 28.8mmH2O. To get an idea, a Corsair ML120 RGB fan, at full speed (2400 RPM), is 4.2 mmH2O! You should also know that thermal paste Shin-Etsu 7762 is already applied on the base.

Dynatron A38

Of course, when it comes to socket compatibility, this A38 can be installed on high-end platforms from AMD. This includes the TR4 and sTRX4 server platforms, but also SP3. Finally, its dimensions allow it to be integrated into 2U or more racks.

Click here for the Dynatron data sheet!

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