AWS Introduces HPC Instances Powered by AMD’s Latest Server Processors


Amazon Web Services has introduced new Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) instances designed for HPC workloads, powered by AMD’s third-generation EPYC processors.

The cloud provider said instances codenamed “Hpc6a” offer up to 65% better value for money than similar compute-optimized x86-based EC2 instances.

Potential applications of all this computation include genomics, computational fluid dynamics, weather forecasting, financial risk modeling, electronics design automation, computer-aided engineering, and seismic imaging.

“Amazon EC2 Hpc6a instances, powered by 3rd Generation AMD EPYC processors give organizations the flexibility to run HPC workloads that require abundant computing power, fast memory and storage, and high levels of inter-instance communication without the upfront costs of building and on-premises HPC infrastructure maintenance,” said David Brown, vice president of the EC2 business at AWS.

Instances are available immediately in US East (Ohio) and AWS GovCloud (US-West), with availability in other AWS Regions expected soon.

These aren’t the first instances to feature AMD’s wunder chip; general purpose EC2 options with 3rd gen EPYC were launched in November 2021.

Real large bodies

Each of the new Hpc6a instances is powered by 96 EPYC 7003 series cores clocked at 3.6 GHz and equipped with 384 GB of memory.

They are built on the AWS Nitro system, a combination of dedicated hardware and lightweight hypervisor that claims to deliver virtually all of the host hardware’s compute and memory resources to client instances.

They also have Elastic Fabric Adapter (EFA) enabled by default to provide 100 Gbps low latency bandwidth for inter-node communication within a single Availability Zone. Meanwhile, concurrent multithreading is disabled to guarantee one physical core per vCPU.

In its announcement, AMD was quick to point out that EPYC processors are used in 73 of the world’s 500 most powerful supercomputers.

“Our processors power all levels of HPC, from exascale systems in research labs to flexible HPC cloud computing instances like the new Amazon EC2 Hpc6a instances,” said Dan McNamara, SVP and GM of AMD’s server business. .

“AMD EPYC processors offer a powerful solution for Amazon EC2 customers who need access to impressive HPC performance and cloud scalability for their workloads.


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