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Data center operator Beeinfotech PH has announced the general availability of its first data center in the Philippines. Called The Hive, the data center is a telecommunications-neutral facility spanning three floors housing at least 3,000 server racks with a maximum height of 45U.

Combined with its network interconnect capabilities, disaster recovery headquarters, and security and network operations centers (SOC/NOC), The Hive is ready to meet the colocation needs of hyperscalers expanding their global footprint as well as well as companies undergoing digital transformation.

“Telecom-neutral data centers with large and flexible rack space such as The Hive are appropriate colocation facilities for hyperscalers,” said Reynaldo Huergas, President and CEO of Beeinfotech PH. “They allow companies to rapidly scale resources and establish a local footprint without the arduous and time-consuming process of building a DC from scratch.”

Telecom Neutral Beeinfotech PH Data Center Opens New Facility in PH
Beeinfotech PH bullish on data center growth as hyperscalers come to PH

Citing a report from Research and Markets, Beeinfotech PH said that the Philippine data center market will grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 11.40% between 2021 and 2026, with investments of up to $535 million. 2026.

The Hive can host advanced solutions such as AWS Outposts, which allows hyperscalers and enterprises to run popular AWS applications locally. The Hive also offers other services through its advanced cybersecurity suite powered by Continent 8. Among them, BProtect DDoS Mitigation, which can repel powerful DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks, and BProtect SIEM, a security management solution. information and security events. which continuously scans for malicious activity within a customer’s infrastructure.

Open design

Hive follows an open design concept to meet specific customer colocation requirements, such as special enclosures and cages for racks.

Beeinfotech PH also adheres to a shared responsibility model in infrastructure maintenance, where maintenance tasks can be performed either by Beeinfotech PH or by the client’s internal personnel. This model also allows for the possibility of both sharing maintenance tasks.

Beeinfotech PH’s partner-focused philosophy also extends to The Hive’s telecom-neutral connection provided as part of BConnect Managed Connectivity. Being telecom-neutral, The Hive brings together all telecommunications and internet service providers under one roof, ensuring that customers can take advantage of maximum access to all connectivity options.

Beeinfotech PH is also keen to partner with regional and global data center operators who intend to expand their footprint in the region.

“Our facility is configurable to the point where other data center operators can structure the facility using their existing designs, similar to a plug-and-play service model that gives more freedom and customization,” said Huergas.


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