Ciklopea adopts Across Language Server at the enterprise level


With Across Language Server, we have gained better control over the entire localization production cycle, while optimizing our time and improving our quality assurance management even further.

Founded in 2003 as a modest home-based start-up, Ciklopea entered the 2020s with production offices in Croatia, Serbia and Slovenia, three appearances on CSA’s annual Top 20 LSPs in Southern Europe list , dozens of employees and an active network of partners around the world. We provide translation and localization solutions for 150 language pairs and pride ourselves on using a wide range of technologies, tailoring them to the needs of particular clients and projects. Our company is recognized for its ability to integrate complete and highly modular production processes into our customers’ existing infrastructure and workflows.

The starting point

The secret of Ciklopea’s success story lies in the emphasis placed on the three fundamental elements of our production process: Technology, Background, and People. What we offer is a combination of professional human knowledge and language technology that allows us to work in the best possible way. We always consider the context of source materials, formats and target audiences. We deliver translations and localized content in a timely manner and manage the process cost-effectively, and we do this by ensuring that our way of working is compatible with our client’s existing infrastructure.

Across has been used at Ciklopea since around 2008. We have decided to set up an internal Across server infrastructure to meet the needs of our customers who use Across in their professional environment. Ciklopea obtained the Across V6 certificate in 2015 and the Across V6.3 certificate in 2016. The latest Across V7 certificate confirms our continued expertise in the software.

Our highly developed multi-phase process involves translators, editors, reviewers, sometimes even software and DTP specialists, and dedicated QA teams. As part of this process, the located materials are checked against a total of 16 criteria.

Thanks to the QA function of Across, the review process has become faster. The risks of missing a translation or ending up with segments containing incorrect terminology are minimized thanks to the crossTerm entry available in the software.

Extension of the services offered

The idea of ​​setting up an internal Across Language Server came about after customers asked us to handle translation tasks directly on the language platform.

In Across, all projects are centrally managed in a shared work environment, regardless of file format or language. With intuitive workflow control, project managers can define automated release processes and assign tasks.

“In this way, we are able to offer our customers a one-stop-shop service that includes not only translation and other language tasks, but also project, user and softkey management, as well as all other features that Across Language Server provides” explains Mladen Stojak, CSO at Ciklopea.

Simplified communication

Initially, Ciklopea used the Across technology in the form of the Contractor edition.

Due to the growing number of customers who were also using Across, we eventually switched to the LSP edition. The concept of evolutionary editions of Across allows a progressive adaptation of the software to an increasing demand. Subcontractor and LSP editions are special editions of Across Language Server that can be customized according to language service provider requirements.

With these editions, the company can generate its own server certificates. The direct server-to-server interaction takes place on cross gridthus greatly facilitating the exchange of data between the customer and us.

This functionality makes it easier for the language service provider to transmit data to its subcontractors.

“Freelance translators can obtain a free independent license for Across, which is not always possible with other software solutions”, observes Stojak.

Depending on the assignment, freelancers can take on the role of translator, proofreader, reviser, or terminologist. The translation is stored directly on the server and, once completed, it is checked by a second linguist.

The project manager (who is also responsible for the final QA check before delivery) manages and monitors the entire process, including the status of the translation and the publication directly on the server.

Once all project steps are completed, Across automatically checks the project and uploads the data to the client’s server.

Mladen Stojak, CSO of Ciklopea
Mladen Stojak, CSO

“Ciklopea is seen as an organization ready for the future and new challenges, as it fulfills all the necessary prerequisites for further growth and development. With Across Language Server, we have gained better control over the entire localization production cycle, and we have optimized our time management and quality assurance,” said Mladen Stojak.

“We made the timely investment and now have all the necessary resources: people, processes and technology. We are confident that we will win new customers, especially in the IT and medical sectors. »


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