Data center facility managers struggling with downtime issues


According to people interviewed in a recent Honeywell study, data center facility managers have addressed the gamut of downtime, cybersecurity and troubleshooting issues over the past year.

According to respondents from China, Saudi Arabia, Germany and the United States, 54% of them experienced downtime due to an outage, 38% due to a computer breach or physical and 34% unplanned downtime.

Facility managers are the most concerned about availability and cybersecurity. Top priorities, according to the report, include monitoring the lockdown (93%), physical site security or access control (74%), managing energy consumption (73%), monitoring needs increasing capacity (73%) and the ability to quickly predict or identify problems (72%). Other concerns include downtime, OT cybersecurity, energy costs, and maintaining uptime.

Honeywell Building Technologies vice president and chief technology and product officer Manish Sharma says data centers are now some of the world’s most valuable resources.

“They enable e-commerce, cloud computing, remote working, and help businesses in almost every industry meet growing demands.

“Investing in their efficiency, resilience and sustainability should not be seen as a luxury but as a strategic need. “

Thus, more and more facility managers are investing in smart building solutions. Of those surveyed, 96% think remote management is important, but 34% have a system for it.

Similarly, 38% say they want to improve automation, efficiency and sustainability, and 34% want to improve energy efficiency. In addition, 54% say they will reduce the energy consumption of buildings to support their sustainability missions.

According to the report, data centers consume around 3% of the world’s electricity and produce 2% of total global carbon emissions, which is more than the airline industry as a whole.

Sharma says it’s imperative that unplanned data center downtime is minimized as much as possible.

“About 88% of data center downtime is due to human error or mechanical failure. “

“Since a single minute of server downtime costs approximately $ 9,000, uptime support is essential. A fully integrated building management solution provides a single point of control, providing clear information and data processing for more reliable building automation and supervision. It also provides information about a system’s performance capabilities, making it easy to identify efficiency gains and avoid potential failures.

He says that if data center operators have a better understanding and control over their OT and construction systems, they will be able to better identify efficiencies, reduce potential outages and optimize security procedures, fire and security.

Statistics are from Honeywell’s Rethinking data centers as resilient and sustainable facilities report.

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