FFXIV Data Center Travel Detailed, Coming in Patch 6.18


Final Fantasy XIV players may soon pass through new dimensional barriers. FFXIV Data Center Travel will debut with patch 6.18, according to the latest Letter from the Producer live stream. Producer Naoki Yoshida shared the details of the planned feature film. It is intended that players in one data center can temporarily send their characters to another data center and play alongside players “native” to that data center.

Typically, FFXIV Data centers are organized into physical and logical data centers. Each physical data center is located in a certain region. These data centers are divided into multiple logical data centers, which themselves contain various “World” servers that serve instances of the game world to players. For example, a character can be on the Lamia World, which is located in the Primal Logical Data Center, which in turn is located in the North American Physical Data Center. FFXIV Data Center Travel allows players to travel from one logical data center to another within the same physical data center. This means that the previously mentioned Lamia character on Primal will be able to visit a friend on Balmung on Crystal.

The system works similar to the World Visit system already in the game, with some additional restrictions. Players from another data center will not be able to use their free company chat and may have restricted PVP teams. Cross-World Linkshells will also be restricted, but from patch 6.2 it will be possible to join them on other data centers.

To initiate Data Center Travel, FFXIV players will need to be on the character select screen. Selecting a destination data center and world will cause the game to momentarily pause to initiate the transfer, and the transfer cannot be stopped. Then they can load a selected character and play.

FFXIV Data Center Travel will arrive in Patch 6.18. The first post-Endwalker patch, patch 6.1, will debut in April 2022. The game is available on PC, PS4, and PS5, and its free trial recently resumed.


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