Final Fantasy XIV Resumes Sales This Month After Expansion Plans Begin For New Oceania Data Center


Final Fantasy XIV will resume digital sales on January 25. This information came in a very long update on the planned work to upgrade the games data centers and server capacity while announcing the opening of the new Oceania server in February.

Director and producer Naoki Yoshida’s detailed update detailed the opening of the Oceania server on January 25, with five new worlds opening up from the start. For those in the region who wish to transfer to these five new servers, the transfer fee will be waived. After this opening, the home world transfer service will be available for all players worldwide on January 26th. This gives them a day to test how things are on the Oceania server.

With new server and data center upgrades, these will roll out, along with reduced connections to closer to normal levels as more players progress. Endwalker, this should allow sales to resume smoothly.

There is also an update on the expansion of regional data centers. The Japanese data center will move to a configuration of eight worlds per data center and four data centers. This should increase the connection capacity on all servers in Japan by 50,000. The North American data center will benefit from a two-phase server expansion. Due to global supply chain issues, the first phase will likely appear around August, the second in the first part of 2023. The first part is expected to add four new servers and another four when the second part is complete.

European data servers will get a similar expansion, starting in July with the second half of summer 2023. European servers will also get four new worlds in July and a new data center with eight new worlds with the second half of the upgrade.

The previously discussed data center travel system will also be slated for one of the 6.1 X patches. This will allow players to visit worlds in other data centers within the same physical data center as their own data center world. ‘origin. Inter-regional visits are technically possible, but not yet planned. But you can visit more in the data center offers.

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