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RALEIGH, North Carolina, August 6, 2021 / PRNewswire / – The global green data center construction project market is expected to grow at a healthy 10% CAGR between 2019 and 2022. Green building technology alludes to building projects in a sustainable, responsible and sustainable manner. ecological, from the planning and acquisition stage through to design, architecture and construction. It includes better construction, site selection, maintenance, design and life cycle of green building materials. It should also be noted that this trend is not only seen in economically rich countries like the United States, but also in other parts of the world.

“We are heading towards a phase where sustainable construction will be a game-changer. This change will bring many benefits. For example, they are a powerful means of achieving different global goals on the economic, social and environmental fronts. buildings offer financial returns that incorporate work creation, a high property estimate for building engineers, low development spending and investment funds, ”said Gayatri Murali, Senior Research Analyst at Beroe. “The cross-cutting categories of site selection, water conservation, energy efficiency, use of renewable energies and the quality of the indoor environment will play a predominant role in this sustainable makeover.”

The construction industry accounts for 40% of global energy consumption and is also responsible for 23% of air pollution and 40% of water pollution. As a result, with the deepening of green building trends, some common standards have become very popular, such as Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED), DGNB System, Building Research Establishment & Environmental Assessment Method (BREEAM), Green Globes. , and National Green Building Standard.

Data centers and green practices

In general, data centers consume a lot of energy. However, they have green energy goals, and this varies depending on the execution plan. Manufacturing data centers requires deep expertise and due diligence. Therefore, organizations should pay special attention to hiring leading experts and consultants, engineers, architects and contractors for the job. Thus, the best methodology is to follow the instructions of specialists to adopt modern practices of energy saving and cooling in order to reduce costs. Many server farms require a long-term industrialized methodology and the transfer of capital and assets to frame a new era offsite. On the other hand, many centers are using on-site attics to boost solar production and aim to opt for Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) from renewable power plants. The central area of ​​sustainability in data centers is their power source which establishes the level of climate influence of a given unit of electricity. However, due to geographic and regulatory coercion, many companies have low carbon options.

There are various sustainability regulations in the United States, Europe (Ireland and Spain), Singapore, Japan, Australia, and India. Each country has its own regulatory body that aims to assess the environmental performance of buildings against regulatory sustainability standards. APAC adoption is still low, but adoption started in Singapore and Australia.

“Today, the consolidation of energy efficient landscaping into the overall building design is bearing fruit. Green building technologies are gaining ground due to the large 40% share of buildings in global energy consumption. Lower prices, government support and a growing awareness among building owners and users will push this growth further towards sustainability. In addition, the adoption of modern and efficient technologies will boost the whole process and increase the investment potential, ”said Gayatri Murali, senior research analyst at Beroe. “Green building technologies that show promise, along with popular sustainable certifications or standards, will kickstart the construction of such buildings and hopefully spread the importance of sustainability around the world.

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