How to join the Oceania data center (Materia)


New Oceania servers are coming Final Fantasy XIV January 25. This new data center – dubbed Materia – will include five new worlds. By migrating early, FFXIV players can earn server incentives like increased experience points, free transfers, and even FFXIV subscription time. All five worlds will be completely blank slates on opening day. This means there will be no established cultures for raiding, market economy, role-playing or party etiquette. Finding games can also take longer compared to the other three FFXIV data centers. The primary language will likely be English, but others may also become common or even more dominant.


While the new FFXIV are specially designed to serve Australia, Polynesia, Melanesia and Micronesia, it may be a good idea to test your personal connection. This can be done by creating an alternate character on Materia and playing Final Fantasy XIV for several days. Players may find that ping and packet loss might actually be even better on North American or Japanese data centers.

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All players are encouraged to migrate to FFXIV new Materia servers at no cost while the player population is low. However, this is a one-way ticket that will bind characters to the global server for at least 90 days. Additionally, leaving the world will incur the standard fee of $18. Once the population reaches the Standard tier, any immigration to Materia will also cost that amount. This fee will be waived if the player’s current home world reaches Congestion while the destination is Preferred or New.

How to Free Transfer to Materia in Final Fantasy XIV

Clean an apartment in Final Fantasy 14

Beginning January 25 at around 10:00 p.m. PT, FFXIV players will be able to request the migration through the Mog Station subsite. One or more characters can be sent at the same time. The five worlds are all based on toward the sky essays: Bismarck, Ravana, Sephirot, Sophia and Zurvan.


Players who own houses or apartments in Final Fantasy XIV will need to take additional steps to transfer for free. They must remove all of their furniture from every building and room. These items can be placed in Estate Storage or kept in the player’s inventory. As this could possibly be more items than a character can hold, even with both Final Fantasy XIV installments, the remaining furniture will have to be sold. Most importantly, players must keep all actions on the field or the hall, otherwise the whole process will be canceled.

If done correctly, upon arrival in Materia, players will receive gil compensation through the Delivery Moogle. This may not add up to the total domain value, as Square Enix only grants players an undisclosed maximum amount of gil. Finally, Materia land, houses and apartments will all be locked until the release of patch 6.1 to allow the population a higher purchasing opportunity. This also means that the reduced teleport fee to homes will be temporarily unavailable.

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Other rewards for players

chocobo final fantasy 14

All players will earn additional bonuses for going to Materia while it is new. First, all experience points will be doubled until characters reach level 80 or for 90 days, whichever comes first. This will likely be a character buff, which will make it go away for players who have already reached level 80 with any job.

Players will also earn 10 Golden Chocobo Feathers, the same currency earned for recruiting new players for Final Fantasy XIV. Players can use these to purchase items from any Calamity Scavenger, though the costs may be too high without also using the Recruitment Campaign. These elements include:

  • 10 Aether Notes: 1 Feather
  • Amber Chocobo Frame: 8 feathers
  • Management support: 8 feathers
  • Jet Black Dye: 1 Feather
  • Metallic Gold Dye: 1 Feather
  • Metallic Silver Dye: 1 Feather
  • Pastel Blue Dye: 1 Feather
  • Pastel Green Dye: 1 Feather
  • Pastel Pink Dye: 1 Feather
  • Pastel Purple Dye: 1 Feather
  • Pure white dye: 1 Feather
  • Twintania frame: 15 feathers

New characters from Oceania

Eureka Hydatos arrives in Final Fantasy 14

Those who make a whole new FFXIV character on Materia will gain additional bonuses. This can be done a few hours before normal transfers, starting January 25 at around 2 a.m. PT. To go even further, players can create their new character using the character creator in the base Final Fantasy XIV, through the free trial or in one of the expansion benchmarks on PC. Once the servers are online, players can switch to Materia through the main menu on the title screen.

New character bonuses

Like migrated characters, new FFXIV characters will earn double experience points until they reach level 80. But, the 90-day limit is removed, allowing players to reach level 80 at their leisure. Instead of Golden Feathers, new characters will receive 10 Silver Chocobo Feathers which can be used to purchase the following items from Calamity Salvagers:

  • Weapons and shields of Doctore level 20: 1 Feather
  • Level 50 Improved Magitek Weapons, Chests, and Pants: 5 feathers
  • Level 60 Improved Shire Weapons, Chests, and Pants: 5 feathers
  • Level 70 Improved Scaeva Weapons, Chests, and Pants: 5 feathers
  • Level 80 Upgraded Cryptlurker Weapons, Chests, and Pants: 5 feathers

Most of these items can also be purchased with Tomestones of Poetics, which are now extremely common after the release of Endwalker. Items can additionally be turned into the Great Company for Sigils, a currency used to purchase furniture, minions, and equipment for multiple jobs.

Level 30 Rewards

Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker Job Classes by Aetheryte

By reaching level 30 on any FFXIV job or class, players will receive 1,000,000 gil and 15 days of free membership. Free play time is a one-time bonus for the whole account. Players who have previously earned a similar reward on North American, European, or Japanese data centers are not eligible. But, the gil bonus is only limited to once per data center. This means that long-time players can collect 4,000,000 gil across all regions. However, pooling money can be tricky, as most transfers will cost $18.00. By bringing all past characters to Materia for free and redeeming the gil, players can earn a huge amount of free bonuses. FFXIV Gil.

It is not known how the individual FFXIV Oceanic servers will grow. Players may find a new stable home on Materia or find themselves homesick for their previous worlds. In the future, Square Enix is ​​planning cross data center visits. At first this will be limited to the same physical server move, but later this could expand to full region and cross-region play.

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Final Fantasy XIV is available on PC, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

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