How to share a webpage URL using Microsoft Edge browser


Windows 10 added a ton of new features to the Edge Chrome browser. And one of them is the Possibility of sharing. It is well integrated with other applications. Although you can easily share urls by copying them from the address bar and pasting it somewhere else, a dedicated share button, adjacent to the address bar seems to be a more convenient way to share links.

You may have noticed a share icon next to the address bar in the top right section. This share button facilitates the process of sharing a URL with someone or other applications installed on the computer.

Arguably why need an external share button when you can just copy and paste the urls. For all touchscreen devices running Windows 10, this share button is a function. Users can easily share URLs between different apps with just a touch. And it also saves time.

How to share a URL on Edge

The latest Edge browser update allows users to add a share icon to the toolbar. Some users question the rationale for adding an additional share button when just copying and pasting URLs. However, this adds to the usefulness of the browser, especially for people using touch devices running Windows 10 like Microsoft Surface. All it takes is a simple tap on the ‘To share‘to easily share URLs between different apps, contacts or devices.

  1. Launch the Microsoft Edge browser.
  2. Click the Share button on the toolbar.
  3. Choose a device, contact, or app.

Previously, the capacity was limited to a few applications. However, now users have a few more options.

So to get started, open your Edge browser.

Go on ‘To share‘located in the toolbar. You may need to enable it – otherwise you can the Share option through the Settings menu.

Click on the Share icon and you should see the sharing options related to

  • Contacts
  • Nearby devices
  • applications

For contacts, you can choose a person with whom you share frequently.

For successful sharing with nearby devices, make sure Nearby Sharing is enabled on other devices in Action Center).

Microsoft Edge lets you share URLs through multiple apps like Skype, OneNote, and others.

You can add more apps by clicking on the “Get apps in store” link and then choosing the desired app (s).

Hope this helps!

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