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Hello thank you both for your answers.

  • My project is certainly difficult for a beginner like me. Unfortunately my entire website is dependent on importing this data before I can continue. there is nothing i love more than good challenges and that is for sure lol. : slight_smile:

I would say it was a lot easier to do in Excel, but when it’s done it will be 100 times more efficient. I am sure of it when I read all the possibilities that one could do with the server side code.

@raddevon I’ll read any new links you provided and reread the first one once. I appreciate you helping me a lot and thank you for your patience. I’m sure my questions might sound pretty stupid : slight_smile:

I guess I would need to study this a bit more. But I’ve been stuck a few times before and I think it’s too much for me to handle. and after a few weeks when I re-examine the problem, I am able to fix it, hope this will also be the case here.

So far I have done this:

  • Configure a server
  • Building a working web scraper app using node.js
  • Extract all this data on mongodb

I hope in a few weeks I will be able to use all of this data… (or sooner)

@James_Hibbard As my skill level increases, I might come back by asking more specific questions. now is the time to have some coffee and study it all.

Well done and thank you again



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