June and May 2022 Google Webmaster Report: May 2022 Core Update


Somehow I forgot to post the Google Webmaster Report last month, so this one will be a bit longer as I am combining the June and May Google Webmaster Report into one big report. Sorry to have missed this report, but here is the catch-up.

The main highlights of the past two months are Google’s May 2022 Core Update and the ongoing March 2022 Product Reviews Update when it ended in mid-May. There was an intense amount of unconfirmed updates ahead of the confirmed May 2022 main update, which is interesting.

Google has released many new rich results, structured data, and schema markup details over the past couple of months. Google also announced a bunch of features at Google I/O, which is expected. Google Search Console has discontinued the URL Parameter Tool and released some features and a preview of new features. Also, FID can be replaced with INP for basic web vitals.

There have been tons of changes to Google Local and Google Maps, like the disappearance of the Google My Business brand and app. Also a ton of features and changes to Google business profiles. And don’t forget Google’s endless UI testing. We saw a redesign of Google News and Google introduced multiple search during this period.

Here are the main headlines of the last two months:

Google Algorithm Updates:

Google SEO: Google Search Console: Google Links: Google Maps & Local: Google User Interface:

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Note: This was pre-written and should be released today, I’m currently offline for Shavous.


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