Minecraft player surprised by a huge castle on his own survival server


An extremely talented Minecraft player has created a huge castle in the game’s Survival mode. The identity of this builder, however, is a mystery.

A Minecraft A player using a shared survival server was surprised to find a massive build he hadn’t created. Players can use shared servers to come together and collaborate on awesome builds, as evidenced by the many complexes and massive Minecraft cities and landscapes created by several players.

When a Minecraft build is becoming popular on social media, most assume it was built using the game’s creative mode. Creative mode gives players full and unlimited access to the vast selection of crafting supplies and blocks of game building, while removing the threat of enemy NPCs and pesky obstacles like gravity. Survival mode, however, requires players to hit the field when starting crafting projects. Players who choose this mode not only have to worry about the game’s many monsters and other survival items like food, but they also have to look for building materials. Most raw materials can be found by chopping down trees or entering caves, with more valuable metals and stones requiring deeper exploration. This means that ambitious creations like Iron Man’s mansion in Minecraft Survival mode required a lot of work both below and above ground to gather and refine materials.


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A major creation discovered by a Reddit user Wolfez could give this Iron Man-themed build a run for its money. posted at Minecraft subreddit, the creation is a magnificent massive castle with a lush courtyard and an adjacent village. In the title of the post, Wolfezz notes that they found the build while playing on their shared survival server, meaning another player assembled it without Wolfezz’s knowledge.

Minecraft server castle

See the full post on Reddit here.

In the comments to the post, Wolfezz states that construction must have taken at least twenty-five days. In reality, it certainly took longer than that, as the scale and attention to detail would take weeks of work for the majority of players, even if they were building in creative mode. Most gamers are more concerned with just getting through the first night of Minecraft Survival mode, which makes this gargantuan creation all the more amazing.

Even more intriguing, perhaps, is the mystery surrounding both the process of creating this castle and the identity of its creator. Full of Minecraft enthusiasts sing the praises of the build, but this is one of the rare cases where the person behind the build isn’t there to receive them. Hopefully the compliments left in the post’s comments will come back to the mystery builder.

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Source: Wolfezz/Reddit

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