New World server mergers are finally happening


Just over two months after New World’s massive launch, Amazon Game Studios is starting to merge servers as player numbers dwindle.

The game’s first merger of servers, European central server Mardi, will merge with European server Brittia. This was supposed to happen on December 8, but following the widespread Amazon Web Services outages that affected New World, will happen on December 9 instead. Two more mergers, this time for all the servers that make up the entire Central EU Vanaheim Terra world and the South American global game Nibiru Mu will take place on December 10.

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These mergers are probably just the start. New World saw over 900,000 concurrent players shortly after launch, resulting in long connection wait times. In response, Amazon quickly created new servers for players to create characters on, promising free server transfers later. Fast forward to this point, and the end result of server transfers and a shrinking active player base is that many of the game’s servers created to ease connection issues are now ghost towns with only a few hundred active players. . While the game is still popular, at the time of writing it is the fourth most played game on Steam with a maximum concurrent player count of over 114,000, there are simply more servers than players for. fill them out.

Amazon recently posted an FAQ explaining how and why one server can be merged with another, stating that if studio data shows the experience on a world has become “sub-optimal,” it will start looking for servers in which it could be merged. To determine if a server may be “unhealthy,” Amazon says it looks at population size, overall player engagement, and more.

Once it is determined that a server merge is necessary, Amazon begins searching for a host server in which to merge other servers. This investigation involves comparing things like faction balance, language, and playstyle between the different servers in question before making a decision.

Progress is not lost when merging one server into another, with gold, items, businesses, houses, etc. all transferred. The only thing that does not transfer are owned territories, which are left under the control of those playing on the host server who will accept new players from the merge. This throws a wrinkle into the game’s PvP-driven faction warfare, the goal of which is to own as much territory as possible, but beats the alternative of playing on a nearly empty server with little to no competition.

Amazon recently rolled back a controversial change it had proposed for the Endgame of New World, a change that would have made equipment acquired during crafting or quests less effective if players failed to participate in certain activities. final phase. This will no longer be the case, although some upcoming system elements, called Expertise, will still be coming in a future patch. Other endgame changes, along with new seasonal content, are currently being tested in the game’s public test domain.

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