New World server mergers will go carefully as Amazon will reset faction change cooldown for all


the New world team merged servers over the past week. While the process went pretty well overall, there were some issues and concerns from the community regarding the results. Some of the choices of servers to merge with other servers have raised questions and the team is now looking to resolve them and offer assistance.

Over the weekend, developer Kay posted an explanation of how their merge planning is going, along with some of the criteria for determining which to merge and into which to merge these. The explanation also pointed out a few remaining issues that are preventing some servers from merging for now. With a few bugs that they are careful with.

Some of the criteria for server mergers include looking for “nearly equal faction representation and a maximum population of 1000”, with the idea that this should indicate a probability for a healthy server population thereafter that will be worth it. change. This is where things started with the recent server mergers.

However, some servers cannot be merged yet due to an ongoing persistence bug. They suggest that this explains why some of the server mergers announced and completed may not have made so much sense and may not have resulted in a sufficiently balanced outcome.

This persistence bug is related to housing and the effect of server mergers and character transfers. On the data side, server mergers and character transfers cause housing plots to pile up their data, which can lead to overload and instability. If it reaches that point, they determined that the houses might just disappear. They are proceeding with caution, which is in line with the recent recognition of update and bug issues so far. In order to help, they are planning a one-time faction change cooldown reset.

For more details, see this update at New world.


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