Principled Technologies Releases Study Comparing SQL Server Performance of Microsoft Azure SQL Managed Instances to Amazon Relational Database Services

Durham, NC, June 03, 2022 –(– Organizations looking to use managed cloud instances for SQL Server databases are looking for a balance of high performance and high value. Using online command processing and analysis workloads, Principled Technologies (PT) compared three sets of instances of two managed cloud instance services: Azure SQL Managed Instance and Amazon Relational Database Service ( RDS) for SQL Server. Azure SQL Managed Instances used the business-critical service tier with premium-series hardware, and Amazon RDS used AWS R5b and M6i instances.

According to the report, “Of these three sets of instances using three common SQL Server database workloads, two for online transaction processing and one for data analysis, Azure SQL Managed Instance significantly outperformed Amazon RDS. Offering between double and five times the performance depending on the workload, the three SQL Managed Instances we tested also offered better value overall, reducing the price/performance ratio by up to 90.3%.

To learn more about Azure SQL Managed Instances performance, read the full report at

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