Rainbow Six Siege update Y6S3.3 introduced on test server


The Rainbow Six Siege developers at Ubisoft are introducing a lot of mid-season changes to the game. And the latest Y6S3.3 update to hit the test server brings a lot of balancing changes to operators.

These new changes are accompanied by the latest data in terms of the presence of attack and defense operators versus win delta as well as the ban rate in the form of graphs.

Rainbow Six Siege Y6S3.3 Update: Details

Operator changes start with Castle with an increase in armor panels from 3 to 4. He also reduced the melee strikes required to destroy an armor panel from 12 to 9. The developers estimate that the only panel d The additional armor should change the way Castle approaches each card and encourage more creativity in their placement. Now it will be able to use more complex defense setups and stand out as a more effective anchor choice, while also feeling less prickly if there is a sled on its case.

Clash is next and his P-10C has been replaced by Super Shorty. With a select rate of just 3%, the P-10C was not used much in the loadout of Clash. Next is Kapkan and his Denial of Entry device is no longer limited to one and he can now place a greater number of traps on doors and window frames, increasing both their active cover and possible damage.

According to the developers, Melusi is still a powerful character and his Nitro Cell is replaced with a bulletproof camera. Oryx recently saw a few tweaks where his cooldown for the Remah Dash was increased from 9 seconds to 12 seconds, which has now been canceled.

With Jäger viability, developers are strengthening Wamai by increasing the maximum number of Mag-NET systems per turn from 4 to 6 and balancing it by reducing the capture area of ​​the Mag-NET system to 3.5m instead of 5 m.

The Mx4 Storm and P10 Roni weapons have also been balanced with greater recoil and reduced magazines. Operators who carry the Hard Breach Charge will now have two at their disposal instead of one. Check out all the details of the Developer Notes here.

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