Simplify data center connectivity with Dell Secure Connect Gateway


In today’s increasingly complex digital landscape, successful innovation leaders rely on IT service providers to offload IT support capabilities to focus more on innovation and strategic initiatives.

According to a study carried out by Forrester ConsultingPowered by Dell Technologies Services¹, 59% of executives surveyed said partnering with the right IT service providers allows them to free their IT staff from routine administrative tasks and focus on innovation and visioning the business.

With that in mind, Dell Technologies is constantly developing technology that helps customers achieve their goals with a focus on automating and leveraging AI and data science to ensure a seamless, unified connectivity solution.

Dell Secure Connect Gateway provides a connectivity solution that takes the guesswork out of problem prevention actions. It provides a secure two-way connection between the data center environment and Dell Technologies services. It allows monitoring Dell devices of your infrastructure, including servers, networking, data protection, data storage and centralized hyperconverged solutions in a single tool.

We offer three options for adopting SCG based on customer requirements:

As a leading IT services provider, one of Dell Technologies Services’ areas of focus is ensuring that IT support services and technologies are not a potential source of security issues.

We continually focus on minimizing risk on the Dell Technologies products deployed in customer environments following strict security policies and procedures, for SCG we implement this by:

* Using only telemetry and event data from active systems.

* Encrypt system state data for transport over the Internet over HTTPS using the Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocol.

* Dell’s authorized support engineers use multi-factor authentication to remotely access and resolve issues on connected systems.

* We process, store and use telemetry and event data on our sites using industry-leading security practices.

Since our technology continuously monitors the customer’s environment for resolution time, any issues are reduced by automating the creation of service requests and the collection of hardware logs.

Also leveraging the periodic log collection feature, the Service Account Manager (SAM) can provide monthly proactive assessment of current environment health and proactive recommendations to ensure maximum availability of critical infrastructure of the data center, all as part of the ProSupport Plus delivery.

From my personal experience over the years with Dell SupportAssist and now Secure Connect Gateway, you shouldn’t have to spend time performing tasks that can be automated. This aligns perfectly with the overall digital transformation efforts underway and helps IT teams focus more on innovation.

These periodic log captures also help provide system maintenance service, which ensures that all systems’ code, firmware, BIOS, and relevant security patches remain up-to-date.

For more information about the Secure Connect Gateway service or Dell ProSupport Plus, please contact a Service Account Manager or Secure Connect Gateway Product Support.

¹ Source: “The role of IT service providers extends to strategic collaboration”, a study commissioned by Forrester Consulting behalf Dell Technologies, April 2021



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