They hack an HP data center to mine cryptocurrencies and manage to earn over 100,000 euros


Why risk going to jail for stealing data or money, when you can steal processing power, which is less penalized, and you make more money?

Normally when malware enters a computer, it has two purposes: either steal accounts, passwords or data, impersonate the personality and obtain money for purchases or theft, or to spy for different purposes.

But lately it’s starting to get popular a new type of infection, who doesn’t want to steal data or spy. Interested only the power of your PC hardware, what do you use for mining cryptocurrencies, keeping the profits.

As reported by Techspot, it is suspected that HP data center hacked to mine cryptocurrency, and cybercriminals managed to extract $ 100,000, before being hacked.

Although there is no official confirmation from HP, it is believed that said HP data center has been hacked because between December 9 and 17 has been the main contributor to the Raptoreum cryptocurrency blockchain.

Researchers believe that cybercriminals could have exploited the Log4J vulnerability, one of the most disturbing in history, to gain access to HP’s control center and use some of its servers to mine cryptocurrency.

These servers would have been patched on December 17th, that’s when the data center disappeared from the Raptoreum blockchain.

Cryptocurrency hardware wallet for cold storing dozens of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, ERC20 and many more.

During these 8 days, thanks to the impressive processing power of HP servers, hackers have mined Raptoreum worth around 100,000 euros.

According to this cryptocurrency’s blockchain, they sold half in CoinEX, keeping the other half. Although these days the price of Raptoreum has dropped significantly.

They already exist a lot malware that exploits cryptocurrencies in the background, without the owner of the PC noticing, except that the computer heats up and the fans are running at full capacity.

One of the most striking cases is that of a couple arrested in Tarragona for infecting 22 computers exposed to MediaMarkt and El Corte Inglés, to mine cryptocurrencies.

If you find that your PC is slowing down a lot, overheating, or the fans are still running at maximum, it is time to switch to the antivirus …


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