When FFXIV Will Start Traveling Through The Data Center


The Data Center Travel System release is patch 6.1X and will likely align with the addition of new Data Centers to FFXIV later this year.

Final Fantasy XIVit is The highly anticipated Data Center Travel System is expected to arrive later in 2022. Fans have been waiting for a chance to play with their friends, who started on another Data Center. For example, players who created a character on Primal were unable to enjoy playing with adventurers on Aether. Although no exact date was given, the system’s release is expected to align with the addition of new data centers to FFXIV Later this year.

Months before the launch of Stormbloodthe world visitation system changed the way players interacted forever in FFXIV. Friends on different worlds were no longer limited to the instanced content experience. This feature gave players the ability to take their character and travel to another world. The system was the first time that many adventurers could fly together on multi-place mounts, like The Regalia from FFXV. The biggest restriction to the world visit system is that players can only travel to their own server. Data Center Travel is the next step in connecting the FFXIV community.


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A post on The Lodestone details both when and what players can expect from this new feature. Adventurers”will be able to travel between different logical data centers, as long as they are in the same physical data centerFor example, fans in North America will not be able to join Data Centers outside of their own region. Some chat functions will also be disabled when using the Data Center Travel System, “due to the fact that it is not possible to keep tabs on chat and cross-world servers outside the boundaries of a logical data center.” After the launch of the new Oceania Data Center in FFXIV, the system is slated for a 6.1X Patch release, which lines up with the addition of even more servers.

FFXIV’s Datacenter Journey Coming in Patch 6.1x

FFXIV Data Center Travel System

The article continues to discuss accommodating the influx of players to North America and server congestion in FFXIV. Due to the global shortage of semiconductors, the team is unable to install as many servers as originally planned. Instead, they split adding more worlds into two phases. In August 2022, “A new logical data center will be established and four new worlds will be added under it.”

This seems like the most likely time for the Data Center Travel System to be implemented, as the last game update was patch 6.08 and August 2022 would still likely be 6.1x content. The second phase will add four more Worlds in the spring or summer of 2023, but by then, FFXIV will probably be in at least 6.2. Hope that means Final Fantasy XIV fans won’t have to wait long to join their friends and create new adventures in Eorzea.

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Source: FFXIV Lodestone

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